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Many multinational companies (MNC) have opted to manage the global payroll either through global or regional shared service centres (SSC) for ensuring the consistency across the organization globally. Whilst having the SSC, the local payroll expertise is still required to ensure that the statutory payroll calculation, filing, and payments are done correctly. Such local experts can either be outsourced to the local providers or be hired as full-time resource for the local entity.  A local resource may require additional budget and effort for the ongoing professional development to keep updated with the changes as well as development of the local rules and regulations. On the other hand, the consistency of the information and management reporting in relation to the payroll may not be possible if there are different vendors for every jurisdiction or region.

With Crowe Global outreach, we are able to not only provide you with the assurance to keep your payroll administration in compliance with the local laws and regulations, but also a one-point-of-contact for the overall global payroll operation. Our global payroll platform enables a uniformed management and financial reporting system also salary slip distribution to employees. While keeping the payroll process consistent across all entities in various countries, Crowe local member firms provides the assurance that all payroll related statutory requirements are met in the respective jurisdiction.

Being in close proximity to the client’s HR coordination centre and understand the respective business customs may be of an advantage. However, being near to all and able to understand the business customs of all local entities, adds more value for the client in having a single global point of contact. The UAE is geographically located very strategic to manage cross-border even cross-continents projects. Supported with qualified resources from around the world and modern infrastructure, our Crowe UAE global payroll team can be your one-point of contact regardless of the location of your global or regional HR team.

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Markus Susilo
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