Merger and Acquisitions-Transaction and Deal Life Cycle

A Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) project is a complex process, that requires diverse set of skills

To help businesses plan better and negotiate as buyers and/or sellers, to ensure that all the financial, legal structure and commercial considerations are met, and the information exchanged is duly verified and validated, experienced professional help is always client ready.

Pre-Deal Advisory


Investor Search


Due Diligence


Deal Closure


Engagement initiation

Management discussions

Deal Strategy development

Valuation and Deal pricing strategy

Deal Collaterals preparation (Pitch Deck / Teaser / IM)

Target identification and screening of investors (VC funds, family offices, institutional investors)

Market Research

Investor Outreach

Sharing Deal Collaterals / financial documents and handling queries from shortlisted investors.

Exclusivity Agreement

Term Sheet / MOU / Heads of terms

Thorough examination of operating company and group’s financial, operational, tax and other details.

Identify red flags and quality of earnings / working capital normalization

Assist management with investor’s financial due diligence enquiries

Assist management in finalizing deal value.


Assist management and their lawyers in reviewing / finalize deal closing documentation, terms including SPA / Investor agreement!

Conditions precedent and subsequent review

Assist management in SPA sign off process

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