IPO Services

Taking a client company public from a private status is a major life changing and a strategic business decision that truly transforms the way a company is structured, managed and or is operating. This cannot be taken lightly and is a very demanding process in terms of time and resources. This can take the route of  an IPO in the form of a main market and or growth market listing, a secondary and or SPAC listings. This process is also very popular for tech start ups, their founders/ VC’s exit strategies.

Hence it is imperative that the company management needs to take up the project after proper planning and objectively assess their preparedness for a public listing, especially w.r.t their finance, IT, legal and compliance functions. This  process generally takes around 1-2 years depending upon the degree of preparedness, size and complexity of the business. Going to public financial markets requires clients to be prepared to meet shareholder and market expectations from day one of listing and be subject to intense financial and commercial scrutiny. This process includes addressing ongoing compliance and regulatory requirements, operational effectiveness, financial controls, risk management, periodic reporting and managing the investor relations effectively, with support of qualified, industry experts, and financial advisers.

Crowe IPO advisory services can help companies prepare and execute an initial public offering (IPO), which is the process of selling shares of a private company to the public for the first time. These services can include the following:

1.    Assessing the readiness of the company for going public and identifying the gaps and risks that need to be addressed

2.    Developing the equity story, marketing and positioning strategy, and valuation of the company

3.    Selecting and managing Financial advisors- i.e., the underwriters, auditors, lawyers, and other advisors involved in the IPO process

4.    Financial Analysis: Preparing the financial statements, working capital, investment and business plan, prospectus, roadshow, and other regulatory and disclosure documents

5.    Due diligence: Coordinating the due diligence process and regulatory vetting and evaluation.

6.    Actual Listing, pricing, allocation, and stabilization activities

IPO advisory services carried out with the help of qualified and experienced financial advisors, thus can help companies navigate the complex and challenging IPO market requirements, and help them achieve their strategic business and financial goals.

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