Investor Search Process

Investor Search Process

Investor search services are specialized offerings that help businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs identify and connect with potential investors who are interested in providing financial support for various ventures.

These services are particularly valuable for those seeking capital for business expansion, product development, research projects, or other investment opportunities.

Deal Strategy


Comparable Market Research


Buyer Outreach


Sharing Documents

Exclusivity Agreement / Term sheet

Develop high-quality deal collaterals to create a compelling and informative narrative about the client's business which includes Pitch Deck, Information Memorandum.

Target investor’s shortlist and screening

Transaction review

Analysis of the client's industry, market dynamics, and competitive landscape and identify potential buyers including strategic acquirers & investors.

Screen Target investors / high level KYC

Information Memorandum includes information about company, sector, revenue and employee profiles and financial information.

Sharing information about the client group through pitch deck / investment teaser without disclosing the identity, to invite interest of potential investors.

Shortlist investors based on aligned strategy.

Prior to sharing CIM with interested buyers, securing signed NDAs.

Hold discussions and meetings with the client/investors/banks and responding to queries and requested information.

Shortlisting of potential buyer(s) based on bids / Term sheet received.

Engage with client management in detailed negotiations to refine deal terms after receiving Letter of Intent.

Assist client lawyers in drafting / review of term sheet including exclusivity agreement with the buyer

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