Scenario Based Decision Making

Scenario Based Decision Making

Scenario Based Decision Making

Uncertainty is ever present and its management sometimes becomes routine. At other times, uncertainty creates a real crisis that requires immediate attention, be it an unprecedented market volatility, industrial disruptors or COVID-19. Threats can be existential and circumstances are unprecedented.

Scenario-Simulation- Exercises

The scale and impact of risks and challenges make them different to routine encounters. The ‘old’ challenges are still present – new laws and regulations, new expectations from different stakeholders, new demands for services, a changing funding landscape, cost escalation and much more, but in times of crisis there are even greater existential threats and an effective scenario planning is the ticket out.

Why you need it?

Crowe’s ‘Scenario Simulation Exercises’ generates plausible situations, which help our clients reflect on how the decisions they make will crystallize in the future. Active scenario planning considers the ups and downs, the twists and turns, what may or may not happen and how the external and internal environment can change over time.

Scenario-Based- Decision

Strategic Tools:

  • Decision trees
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Financial forecasting

       Expected Outcomes:

  • Preparations for worst case scenario
  • Progressive strategy & reduced idle time
  • Prioritization products and services
  • Rebuilding liquidity ratio & minimizing risk
  • Effective capital and resource management
  • Identifying new opportunities

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