Corporate Finance & Restructuring Services

Corporate Finance & Restructuring Services

Corporate Finance & Restructuring Services

We understand that mid-market transactions take more than a 'one size fits all' process, and we have the flexibility to tailor our advice and services to meet the your requirements.

Corporate Finance and Restructuring Services

As business grows, the financial requirements increase adding into one or more mode of finance in the business for its smooth functioning.

There may also be the need for disposal of certain assets post re-financing, to lower debt to an acceptable level.

Recommendations to restructure the finance & legal structure, systems, internal policies and procedures may also lead to further strengthening internal controls, streamlining  operations, capture synergies, reduction of costs, thus leveraging on new credit facilities.

We can assist in renegotiating bank credit lines at lower costs with longer tenors (for financing of assets, working capital, terms loans and/or revolving credit lines) and search for an equity investor.

Transaction Support

To help businesses plan better and negotiate as buyers and/or sellers, to ensure that all the financial, legal and commercial aspects and the information exchanged is duly verified and validated.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A lot of research, analyses and marketing skills contribute in acquiring/merging an existing business or starting a new venture.

It is valued based on the financial projections, WACC discount rate and other intangible elements attached to the acquisition/ merger varying from business to business.

Due Diligence

An essential part of review and evaluation of any investment opportunity, disposal and/or, reorganization, and is key requirement during M&A process. It is a process. It is a process by which confidential and key legal, financial, management, human capital, operational and commercial information is reviewed by independent financial advisors and shared between key stakeholders and senior management.

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