Company Formation

Company Formation

Going offshore has become both a strategic advantage and a competitive necessity. It is the utilization of out of country corporations, trusts, partnerships, banks, funds, management firms that legally safeguard assets, minimize taxes, and used as global investment vehicles. It is known that tax exemptions are the most popular reason for going offshore, but now it is ever more important that political risks, financial privacy, and asset protection are taken into consideration.


The proverb, ‘keeping all of your eggs in one basket’, would in this circumstance be to keep all your assets in one country. The world is constantly changing, and no country can guarantee unswerving political and economic stability. Hence going offshore can be business-friendly with transparent regulations.


The offshore industry has turned into a global business, and reached all corners of the world, covering about half of the world’s financial transactions. We provide the fundamental details of the majority offshore jurisdictions and describe the benefits and potential advantages of offshore companies giving you a direction on how to establish offshore in the most simplistic and legal way.

Advantages of the companies in mainland:
  • No taxes levied.
  • No audited balance sheet required.
  • 10 – 50 visas, depending on the size & activity of the company.
  • Efficient and effective infrastructure.

Advantages of the companies in free zones:
  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • 100% corporate and personal income tax exemption.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  • Less expensive.
  • Abundant and inexpensive energy.
  • No currency restrictions.

Services we offer:
  • Mainland
  • Free Zones
  • Offshore
  • Nominee Directors
  • Legal Agreements
  • Industrial Licensing
  • PRO Services


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