Unify HR and payroll processes with ERP integration

Unify HR and payroll processes with ERP integration

By Ashkan Parpinchee and Edward Alphonse
Unify HR and payroll processes with ERP integration

Human resources (HR) teams focus on maintaining strict records, managing schedules and placements, and monitoring payroll calculations. Given the critical nature and financial complexity of their tasks, HR professionals often work side-by-side with accounting teams to maintain accuracy and order. Therefore, maintaining a single source of truth for all departmentwide components is critical.

Centralized HR and payroll is a clear advantage

Disparate systems make it difficult to have confidence in the consistency and accuracy of available data. When HR teams should be focusing on the people they’re managing, they are often working through process inefficiencies and reconciling figures instead. Many organizations find relief in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for HR and payroll assistance, but there are still opportunities for improvement.

Crowe Human Resources Optimizer for NetSuite

When working with clients across industries, Crowe recognized the need for a centralized human resource module on top of NetSuite. As a result, the team developed Crowe Human Resources Optimizer for NetSuite so clients could have robust functionalities that enhance HR and payroll processes, leave management, tax compliance, and more. The module seamlessly integrates with an existing ERP system, automates manual processes, generates reports, and streamlines operations.

Streamline HR & payroll with one simple solution: Crowe Human Resources Optimizer for NetSuite. Explore the solution

3 benefits of Crowe Human Resources Optimizer for NetSuite

While NetSuite and its modules and built-in optimizers offer many benefits, the following three stand out above the rest.

1.    Visibility

The ability to find all HR and payroll information in a single, centralized location reduces inaccuracies and discrepancies. Logging into one system to find information cuts down on manual effort and the time it takes to discover relevant, applicable data.

2.    Automation

Teams only input information once as automation updates and carries over relevant data for connected processes. For example, if a contractor’s rate increases, their payroll information will automatically adjust to accommodate the new rate. HR employees can track employee information, leave records, and attendance data, and accounting teams can automatically generate paychecks or file taxes.

3.    Accuracy

With a centralized location and automated tasks, HR and payroll records are the same from view to view, which means there is less chance for duplication and error in payroll and record keeping. The accuracy of information improves efficiency and decision-making across the organization.

Leave management: Only with Crowe Human Resources Optimizer for Netsuite

Beyond visibility, automation, and accuracy, Crowe Human Resources Optimizer for NetSuite offers leave management, a feature not found in other ERP systems. Organizations are able to maintain the leave management cycle, set up preferences, track paid or unpaid leave, and understand the impact a team member’s leave will have on the business more easily.

Crowe specialists and NetSuite solutions can unify your HR and payroll processes

Crowe is a global accounting and consulting firm that offers clients HR services and technology solutions. Crowe specialists know the ins and outs of NetSuite ERP and Crowe Human Resources Optimizer for NetSuite, and they get to know the industries and technical aspects of their clients’ internal operations. Crowe knows how to bridge the gap between HR and accounting teams with a unique perspective on why technological innovation is so important for businesses to grow and thrive.

Interested in learning more about Crowe Human Resources Optimizer for NetSuite and unifying your HR and payroll processes? We can help.

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