UAE Recent Customs Update

UAE Recent Customs Update

UAE Recent Customs Update

The Ministry of Economy (MOE) and Dubai Customs recently issued Decisions/Notices to regulate export of wheat products of Indian Origin, relax customs procedures around courier consignments, and extend effective date for cross border e-commerce.

UAE – 4-month ban on export/ re-export of Indian-origin wheat/wheat flour (MoE Cabinet Decision No. 72 of 2022 effective from 06/06/2022)

Banned to export/re-export wheat/wheat flour of Indian origin imported into the country (including free zones) after 13 May 2022

Can obtain permission to export/re-export by submitting a request to the Ministry of Economy for:

  • Wheat/wheat flour of Indian origin which were imported prior to 13 May 2022
  • Wheat/Wheat flour products of non-Indian origin

Export permit issued by the Ministry of Economy shall be valid for 30 days

Dubai - Clearance of consignments through courier companies (Customs Notice No. (05/2022) effective from 01/01/2023)

1. Consignments (not exceeding 70Kg) imported with a value SAED 300 shall be exempt from customs duty and customs service charges.


1 and 2 -Tobacco, tobacco products e cigarettes, nicotine, liquid, alcoholic beverages and foods containing alcohol.

2 only Consignments to/from Free Zones and Customs Warehouses


2.Electronic customs declaration and electronic invoices for the following:

  • Import consignments with a value ≤ AED 300
  • Export consignments/Transit consignments with a value ≤ AED 3,000


3.Refund of customs deposit need to be submitted electronically along with all the supporting documents

Dubai – Extension of effective date for cross-border e[1]Commerce customs procedures (Customs Notice No. (04/2022))

Postponing the effective date for Customs Notice no. 15/2021 related to customs procedure for cross-border e Commerce from 1 January 2022 to 1 January 2023. Key compliance provisions for 15/2021 are as follows

  • Value declaration = price actually paid/ payable
  • Approvals for restricted goods/ goods subject to control procedures
  • Electronic declaration and invoice shall be accepted for Customs clearance and claims settlement.
  • Inspection and examination upon import and export.
  • Should keep all documents/orders, records of entry and exit of goods in an approved e archiving system and must be produced upon request by Dubai Customs.

How can Crowe help?

  • Support in collating the documents for obtaining export permit for wheat and wheat floor products
  • Assist in applying for refund from the Customs Authority
  • Assess client current practice if in line with the rules and procedures set out in the Notices

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