Remote Work Visa in the UAE

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Remote Work Visa in the UAE

Remote Work Visa in the UAE

Remote Work Visa in the UAE

The UAE authorities introduced the Remote Work Visa program to attract global talent and expertise, allowing workers from anywhere in the world to work remotely from the UAE.

Initially introduced in 2020, this visa allows eligible applicants to stay in the UAE for up to one year and work remotely for their current employers or clients.

The visa does not require a local sponsor in the UAE. This is issued directly by the UAE government.

Outlined below are the requirements and benefits of the said program.


1.    Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.

2.    Health insurance with UAE coverage validity.

3.    For employees:

a.    Employment contract from employer outside of UAE with at least one-year validity.

b.    Minimum monthly salary of USD 3,500.

4.    For business owners:

a.    Proof of company ownership for at least one year.

b.    Monthly average income of USD 3,500.


1.    Access to all UAE services, including phone, utilities, medical, and education.

2.    Ability to sponsor family members.

3.    Option to open a bank account in the UAE.

4.    Visa renewable on a yearly basis.

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