NetSuite ERP helps manufacturers build momentum for growth

NetSuite ERP helps manufacturers build momentum for growth  

By Ben Kremer and Ash Parpinchee
NetSuite ERP helps manufacturers build momentum for growth

For decades, manufacturers of every size have relied on big, expensive brand-name enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to help manage processes, even when the platform’s size and capabilities dwarf the manufacturer and its needs. It has led to unnecessary and unused features, in addition to a hefty price tag.

Now, a new player in manufacturing is offering a customizable, right-sized alternative to the standard legacy system: Oracle® NetSuite ERP solution.

NetSuite ERP is familiar to many organizations needing standard business operating help, but it’s lesser known in manufacturing. The truth, however, is that NetSuite has spent years learning processes and refining the system in a way that can address and overcome the industry’s challenges and allow manufacturers to take advantage of new, lucrative opportunities.

NetSuite has built a better ERP for manufacturing:

  • NetSuite ERP is a sleek, scalable cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage financials and refine manufacturing processes, and also includes a built-in, mobile-friendly warehouse management system (WMS).
  • Ideal for the discrete manufacturer, NetSuite ERP integrates with many business processes like procurement, sales, online storefront, and more. Manufacturers don't have to be an international, billion-dollar outfit; no matter the size of the business, NetSuite can meet its needs.
  • Additionally, the system offers licensing levels and implementation models that allow manufacturers to step lightly into its variety of add-ons and customizations.

3 ways NetSuite ERP can help accelerate growth:

  • There aren’t just pieces of the manufacturing process that NetSuite can manage. It covers a business's processes from end to end and offers better control, visibility, and forecasting capabilities to its users. This means the entire organization can plan for and work toward the same goals.
  • More specifically, a NetSuite ERP helps manufacturers build momentum by easing three of their most significant challenges and turning them into opportunities.

1.   Disjointed systems become a single source of truth

  • NetSuite consolidates multiple disparate systems and spreadsheets into one definitive source of accurate information. It minimizes or eliminates duplicate entries, streamlines data, and automates processes. No matter where the data comes from, it’s accessible with a 360-degree view of the business.
  • With a simpler, more accurate view, manufacturers can make better decisions that align with strategic goals.

2.   Minimum stock turns into safety stock

  • Many industries are managing supply chain disruptions, but manufacturers can be at a literal standstill as they await parts. The built-in WMS of the NetSuite ERP offers better visibility and control over inventory and stock valuations and reduces stock outages for continued fulfillment.
  • With the ability to define minimum stock levels and re-order points, manufacturers can move away from just-in-time manufacturing that keeps them stagnant.

3.   Disjointed data points grow into dollars

  • A plethora of data is only great if decisions can be made using the information at hand. NetSuite ERP automates data entry and can easily recall accurate information for generated planning, budgeting, and forecasting reports.
  • Manufacturers can plan and make high-quality growth decisions based on relevant and timely information.

Manufacturers don’t have to rely on the same old technology:

  • Using the same platform as every other manufacturer might be comforting, but it can hold your business back. Your organization needs more than the typical streamlined processes. It needs an ERP built with manufacturing in mind and with the ability to scale. Once a NetSuite ERP is integrated with your data and implemented, you can take advantage of opportunities for growth like acquiring another company, opening new locations, or adding an additional production line.

Are you interested in learning more about NetSuite ERP for manufacturing?

  • Crowe has extensive manufacturing experience. We know the systems and the best way to implement them to create real impact and open doors for growth for your business. Connect with a Crowe consultant today to see how NetSuite can help.

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