Dubai Customs: Voluntary Disclosure Program

Dubai Customs: Voluntary Disclosure Program

Dubai Customs: Voluntary Disclosure Program
"Self-Audit Finding Service"

The Dubai Customs Authority launched a new voluntary disclosure program “Self-Audit Finding Service” last 11 August 2022.

 Application Process

  1. Applies to all Dubai customs registered business/ individual.
  2. Can be made at any time after the goods are cleared from customs.
  3. Must be made before notice or commencement of customs audit.
  4. Provide relevant information/ document to support error and omission disclosed.
  5. Undertaking to pay customs duty differences within 15 days of disclosure.


  • To encourage importers and exporters to disclose errors and omission that may arise during customs declaration submission.

How can Crowe help?

  1. Support in the thorough review of a company’s customs compliance.
  2. Assistance in the preparation of schedules and relevant documents required in filing the voluntary disclosure.
  3. Assessment of the possible impact should the company consider availing the service.

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