Corporate Tax 

Pre-registration through Emratax Platform


What: CT Pre-registration launched by the FTA

Who: Selected UAE Public Joint Stock and UAE Private Companies

When: From January 2023 to May 2023


·       Pre-registration must be done through the EmaraTax platform

·       Existing EmaraTax account will be used for CT registration. New users must create a new account.


·       Selected companies will receive an invite through email or SMS to register

·       FTA will later announce the registration opening for others

·       CT registration user manual can be used to navigate through the portal and submit the application.

Information Needed

·       Identification Details: License, business activities, branch and contact details.

·       Authorized Signatory: Details of the authorized individual

Documents Required

·       Natural Person: Emirates ID or Passport copy

·       Legal Person: Emirates ID/ Pass of the authorized signatory and Proof of authorization.

What’s Next- post submission of application

·       Application submission acknowledgment is provided.

·       Additional information notification by the FTA

·       Application approval or rejection notification

Key Takeaways

1.    Pre-registration is only for certain selected companies and others have to wait for an FTA announcement regarding registration opening.

2.    Selected companies to take cognizance of the email or SMS invite sent by the FTA and complete the registration process.

3.    Assess whether it is necessary to obtain a CT registration depending on the activities undertaken in the UAE.

4.    Familiarize with the EmaraTax platform, as well as gather all the information and documents needed for CT registration.


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