Going Offshore

Going offshore has become both a strategic advantage and a competitive necessity. Small, medium and large business houses use offshore companies for special purpose vehicles, tax planning, trusts, etc. Offshore companies have grown in popularity over the years despite the fact that almost all offshore jurisdictions are well regulated. One of the first thoughts that come to mind when offshore investing is mentioned is tax planning. Tax exemption or a significant tax reduction and preferential exchange regime are the main features of the countries with special legislation that allows corporation/individual to perform offshore business by registering a company. An offshore company is a unique tool in performing complicated tasks.

By means of this book, we have tried to provide the fundamental details of more than 20 offshore jurisdictions and describe benefits of offshore jurisdictions and potential advantages of offshore companies. Though it is highly recommended that you seek professional advice before you make a decision on formation or running of any offshore company. Recently, Dubai has been recognized as being the prominent offshore center for major tax planning and transfer pricing.