Managing in uncertain times

Smart decisions create lasting value


We are facing uncertainty at one of the biggest scales in the recent history. This time it is indeed unique as it has affected directly every individual person, business and nations in one or another.

Uncertainty prevails at any given point and that is the struggle an entrepreneur is facing in his day to day running and management of business. However, such uncertainties are small scale in nature and impact are also trivial. Its management sometimes becomes a routine exercise. At other times, uncertainty creates a real crisis that requires immediate attention. Threats can be existential, and circumstances are unprecedented. The speed at which events unfold, change and impact does not allow time to interpret them using the usual approaches.

The ‘old’ challenges are still present – new laws and regulations, new expectations from different stakeholders, new demands for services, changing funding landscape, cost escalation and much more, but in times of crisis there are even greater external threats.


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