Establishing Business in UAE

Presently, a wide spectrum of offshore services satisfying various business needs has been developed. The offshore industry has turned into a global business, and reached all corners of the world, covering about a half of the world’s financial transactions. In a global economy, you need global expertise.

Establishing business in UAE has multiple benefits. It is an efficient way of tax planning since there are no capital gains or personal income taxes. Company formation in UAE is a reputable, regulated and international trading solution. Further structures such as holding or investment companies can be used. Thus, UAE presents an excellent long term option and with a tax free legal base, UAE is a safe haven for offshore and onshore companies.

The UAE economy is divided between the onshore sector, dominated by local business interests, with restrictions on foreign ownership, and the offshore sector which consists of a number of free zones. Economic activity is regulated separately in each of the seven emirates as well as by the Federal Government. Dubai authorities have created an environment which is well ordered without being unduly restrictive and offers operating conditions that are among the most liberal and attractive in the region.