Corporate Transformation (Restructuring)

Corporate Transformation (Restructuring)

Businesses go through constant challenges in this dynamic and ever-changing world. Besides mega world disruptions such as digital technology, financial crisis and recent Covid 19 which impacts almost all the businesses, ongoing challenges such as new competitions, falling margins, rising costs and liquidity crunch etc. require an agile process of identifying, reviewing, making choices and implementing new course on actions. Those who recognize and transform stand a better chance of not only survival but exceling under such circumstance






At times internal or external factors or both impact the business so severely that going concern becomes questionable. Incremental steps mostly based on internal bias or experience are resorted to address with little success. reverting to profits with a sustainable Balance Sheet

Financial Crisis Management


While the underlying business fundamentals are still strong, there are situations which create momentary strain on the financial resources of the company and result in breaching the financial covenants etc. identifying financial venues to tackle the situation.

Performance Accelerator



In this competitive and disrupting age, business constantly need to readdress its strategies, tactics and competitiveness. Solutions ranging from strategy review to re-establishing the relevance of product, units, customer, supply chain portfolios.

Policies on matters ranging from governance to credit control, to hedging are also scrutinized for improvement.