Company Formation DIFC

Company Formation DIFC

Company Formation DIFC

About The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

The DIFC is the financial hub of Dubai. It is a federal financial free zone and was established pursuant to UAE Federal Decree No. 35 of 2004, UAE Federal Law No. 8 of 2004 and Dubai Law No. 12 of 2004. The DIFC occupies a physical territory of approximately 110 acres. The DIFC has its own legal system and courts, independent from those of the UAE, with jurisdiction over corporate, commercial, civil, employment, trusts and securities law matters.

Any firm establishing in the DIFC can have 100% foreign ownership and is subject to a civil, commercial and regulatory environment.

Regulation by the DFSA

Any firm providing a financial service from a permanent place of business in the DIFC must be regulated by the DFSA. This includes, but is not limited to, Banks, Brokers and Dealers, Asset Managers, Corporate Financiers, Wealth Managers, Insurers and Insurance Intermediaries. The type of business you wish to conduct and the licensed activities you wish to undertake will define the category of Licence you will require. We assist in incorporation of both Non-Regulated and Regulated entities in the DIFC.

DIFC License Categories

Category 1

  • Accepting Deposits
  • Managing a PSIAu

Category 2

  • Providing Credit
  • Dealing in investment as Principal

Category 3A

  • Dealing in investment as Matched Principal
  • Dealing in investment as Agent

Category 3B

  • Providing Custody for a Fund
  • Acting as Trustee for a Fund
  • Operating an Employee Money Purchase Scheme
  • Acting as the Administrator of an Employee Money Purchase Scheme

Category 3C

  • Managing a Collective Investment Fund
  • Managing Assets
  • Providing Trust Services as a trustee of an express trust
  • Managing a PSIAr
  • Providing Custody (other than for a Fund)
  • Providing Money Services (issuing Stored Value)

Category 3D

  • Providing Money Services (other than issuing Stored Value)

Category 4

  • Arranging Deals in investment Credit or Money Services
  • Advising on Financial Products, Credit or Money Services
  • Arranging Custody
  • Insurance Intermediation
  • Insurance Management
  • Operating an Alternative Trading System
  • Providing Fund Administration
  • Providing Trust Services other than a trustee of an express trust
  • Operating a Crowdfunding Platform

Category 5

  • An Islamic Financial Institution Which Manages a PSIAu

How can we help?

Formation of a company in the DIFC can be a tedious task, hence engaging experts like us will provide supervision to execute the process effectively from beginning to end.

We will provide you with all the Compliance policies, procedures, systems and controls needed to meet the DFSA’s requirements. Our documentation will not only get you through the authorisation process but also provide you with a firm compliance foundation for your business to grow from.  Our experts have been operating in the DIFC for the past 14 years and work closely with the authority to provide excellent value to our clients in a timely and professional manner.

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Narasimha Das
Narasimha Das
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