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Decision for establishing the minimum gross basic salary

References: DECISION no. 1071 of October 4th 2021

Crowe Romania
The Decision no. 1071 that establishes the level of the gross salary per economy, applicable as of January 1st 2022 was published on October 4th 2021.

”As of January 1st 2022, the national minimum gross basic salary guaranteed in payment is established in cash at the amount of 2,550 lei monthly, without including incentives and other supplements, for a normal working program of 167.333 hours, on average, per month, representing 15.239 lei/hour”. 

We mention that the minimum gross salary currently has a differentiated level of 2350 lei for the positions requiring higher education. As the value applicable as of January 1st, of 2550 lei, is higher than this level, the new salary will be applicable including the positions with higher education. 

Furthermore, the exception for the construction sector is maintained, as stipulated in the Government Emergency Ordinance 43/2019, thus, in this sector of activity, the minimum gross salary remains at the level of 3000 lei.