Audit and Assurance

“Crowe and Findex have base values and beliefs, and key amongst those are the importance of strong and trusting relationships…continuing to challenge the status quo and bring innovation to the way we service those clients.” – Phil Sinclair, Senior Partner (Dunedin) 

Whether you’re a listed company, private business or community organisation, now, more than ever, it’s essential you have greater assurance over risk and financial reporting. From financial statement auditing to risk consulting, our advisers will provide the full breadth of audit and assurance services to help manage these risks, in turn helping to improve your business processes and financial reporting.

Crowe Australasia’s audit capability spans Australia and New Zealand, and when needed we can draw upon specialists in 130 countries, who have knowledge of local market conditions as well as regulatory requirements and best practices.

Our team regularly completes:

  • External audits
  • Internal and risk audits
  • Compliance and regulatory audits
  • Agreed-upon-procedures engagements
  • Cyber, fraud and forensic audits

These services are focussed on regulated and highly regulated industries in a range of sectors that include not-for-profits, financial services (banks, mutuals, superannuation funds etc), health and education, infrastructure and all tiers of government.

We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with our clients. This sets the foundation for a lasting partnership, and is based on mutual respect, effective communication and an understanding of the client’s business, need and the wider environment.

Managing your business risk.

We have a strong track record of helping clients to manage their risks, and improve their business processes and financial reporting. Our specialists will provide you the full breadth of audit and assurance services, going beyond compliance.

Internal Audit

Crowe Australasia’s Internal Audit approach is clear, concise, and easily understood. It is designed to be free from unnecessary complexities. Our approach has been shaped by experience over time and takes into account international standards.

We offer clients a pragmatic and comprehensive approach to Internal Audit – one that will ensure you can extract the maximum benefit from your service provider. This is not just about performing compliance reviews, but also about supporting you to create a strong culture of ethics, good governance, and high performance. 

External Audit

Our External Audit team focusses its attention to areas that are higher risk in terms of impact to the operation of your business and its financial statements. We work closely with you to understand how systems and controls can manage and mitigate those risks.

If significant matters do arise, we will work with you before the core field work begins, to immediately identify these matters and ensure a prompt resolution. Before we do anything, we ensure we have a thorough understanding of the entity by meeting with the key personnel. Our audit methodology is top-down, risk-based, and most importantly, tailored precisely to each entity.

Fraud Risk Health Check

To establish whether fraud and corruption management practices are operating effectively within your business, Crowe Australasia has developed a Fraud Risk Health Check to help give you comfort you’re not unduly exposed to risk of loss through fraud.

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Crowe’s specialist cybercrime advisers can help your organisation identify areas of vulnerability, so you have the capability to better protect yourself in the current climate and identify the steps necessary to strengthen your defences.

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