Developed Nepal

Looking Back at 2018

Step towards a 'Prosperous Nepal'

Nitesh Todi (Partner)
Developed Nepal

Nepal’s growth rate was 6.3% in FY 2018. The major factors that contributed to achieving this feat were:

  • An influx of Investments (Foreign & Domestic)
  • Upward Trend in the Tourism Sector
  • Increase in Foreign Remittances
  • Reduction in Load Shedding
  • Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity
  • Activities & Programs geared for strong revival post-earthquake

Nepal has adopted the vision of “Prosperous Nepal” by 2030. The country aims to move forward in the ranks and achieve the status of a “Developing Nation”. To accomplish this vision, Nepal needs to maintain the growth rate of at least 7 to 8 per cent. Nepal is well on its track to realize its vision. Let’s look at the significant milestones that Nepal earned during 2018.

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