CSRD: Compliance Guide

CSRD: Compliance Guide

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CSRD: Compliance Guide
Within this guide, you will uncover the five essential steps to ensure compliance with the new European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), affecting specific companies starting from January 2024. 


The CSRD marks a fundamental milestone in shaping the conception of non-financial information in Europe. Aiming to consolidate the criteria for sustainability reporting, the new Directive will enhance the comprehension and management of sustainability across companies and their value chain. Furthermore, it addresses the critical assessment of climate change-related risks. 
With this guide, we provide you with the ultimate five-step roadmap for adapting your company to the requirements of the new Directive:

1. Double Materiality
2. Gap analysis
3. Information Gathering
4. Preparation of the report
5. Verification

To gain comprehensive insights into the new requirements, detailed strategies for navigating each step, and what you need to get started, we invite you to download our Guide promptly. 

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CSRD Readiness Assessment

Would you like to assess your organization’s level of preparation regarding the information required by the ESRS?

From Crowe, we recommend you conducting the CSRD Readiness Assessment, an online self-assessment tool that enables you to determine the indicators that need to be addressed.

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