Value Added Tax (VAT)

Value Added Tax, Sales Tax, Customs duties

VAT is always present in transactions, even if goods are just moved to another country. Ongoing changes in legislation which affect country-specific rules and regulations often create uncertainty which results in non-compliance and financial damages.
We command learned experience in identifying Value Added Tax issues and input tax deductions. This allows you to fulfill filing and evidentiary requirements, avoid misjudgments and thereby minimize your tax risks. As we identify possible areas for VAT relief, potentials for optimization emerge.

Our services

    • VAT Quick-Check
    • National and international VAT registration
    • Structure and optimization of VAT -related dependencies
    • Risk management as part of VAT execution
    • Legal support and/or implementation of special VAT audits and reviews
    • Assistance in (extra) judicial legal relief proceedings
    • Support during tax and customs audits


    Michael Schmitz
    Michael Schmitz
    German Certified Tax Advisor
    Arzu G├╝ven
    Arzu Güven
    German Certified Tax Advisor