Audit of Financial Statements

Statutory and voluntary Audit of annual financial statements

More than just legal requirements make an audit necessary. The audit also constitutes an important control system which confirms that your accounting is reliable, thereby increasing business efficiency.

We perform statutory and voluntary audits of individual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with international standards (ISA) and the standards of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW). Such audits may be based on principles under the German Commercial Code (HGB) or international accounting standards (IFRS or US GAAP).

Our audit process includes:
  • Meticulous planning and analysis of critical business areas,
  • Qualified performance of the audit and
  • Optimal processing of information and results.

The industry or audit determines which of our consistent teams of accountants, experienced auditors and audit assistants will work on your Mandate.


Ulrike Antosch
Ulrike Antosch
German Chartered Public Accountant, German Certified Tax Advisor
Sven Weimar
Sven Weimar
German Certified Public Accountant, German Certified Tax Advisor