covid toolkit

Is your workplace COVID-19 ready?

Resources for level 3 business operations

covid toolkit

Regulation 16(6) of the disaster management act requires that every business must have a written safety plan, a new health & safety policy and other documents in place before it may re-open and operate while a lockdown is in effectThese requirements are a vital part of ensuring workplace safety and minimising the possibility of contagion as far as possible. 

We are offering you the opportunity to get a ready-to-use Workplace Readiness Compliance Toolkit which includes Word templates, posters and PDF documents to assist you in the compliance process. Along with the resource pack, you can also include 4 short COVID-19 online courses for staff and management. 

The Workplace Readiness Toolkit includes:

  • 3 Ready-to-use Word Templates: Safety Plan, Risk Assessment/Protocol Plan and Permit Template
  • 3 Printable Posters: Health Guide; Mask Safety and Client Notice
  • 3 Useful PDF’s: Regulations Summary, Re-opening Checklist and Screening Questionnaire
  • 4 Registers: PPE Issuing, Entrance, Temperature Reading and Training Registers

4 Short online courses for staff and management:

  • 20-30-minute interactive courses
  • Including: COVID-19 Introduction and Preparation Guide, Safety Plan and Mask Safety
  • Employee engagement (Pre-recorded webinar)