IT Solutions

IT Solutions

IT solutions & Business technologies

Many organizations are operating multiple, dated legacy systems while facing vendor-mandated upgrades or ERP / CRM consolidations. Crowe AHFAD helps clients across the enterprise systems lifecycle – from Requirements analysis, Design or third party solution Provider evaluation through implementation and ongoing upgrades and improvement


Corporations and Organizations may want to improve IT total-cost-of-ownership, create better alignment with business processes or explore new products and ways to engage with customers. Moreover, they may be looking to reduce compliance costs through automated controls and improved access and business process monitoring. Importantly, Crowe AHFAD can help clients evaluate and develop the most effective internal operating model and manage the organizational change required for successful transformation projects.


Crowe AHFAD Enterprise Solutions specialists can help turn change into opportunity by leveraging technology to drive efficiencies and increase value to the business.

We have helped major National and multinational organizations achieve improvement in all aspects of the enterprise software solutions by implementing and supporting leading technology solutions tailored by industry.

Our Enterprise solutions functional, industry-led Crowe AHFAD teams provide focused guidance and implementation acumen to support the transition to the revenue standard, including but not limited to:

  • ERP/CRM Enterprise Solutions Selections and Implementation
  • MRP and Costing Solutions planning & Implementation
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Services oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Enterprise Portal & Content Management
  • Leading Enterprise Technologies &Solutions Implementation and Training