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Innovation and best practice!

Our audit methodology is more than report, it is an innovation methodology delivering the best practices in financial reporting and assurance confirmation.

We inspect to improve your deliverables

In Crowe AHFAD Audit strategy, audit is not merely an audit report, it is a confirmation to management, to those charged with governance, and to the external parties (banks, investors, govern­ment ... etc.) that the financial statements information and internal control are of a qual­ity that can be relied upon for financial and non-financial decisions to be taken by all parties who have any sort of interest in the company’s financial / non-financial position and performance.

You will receive an independent edge to your business needs.

These days, more and more pressure is being placed on businesses to assure the accuracy and sustainability of their situation. Whether you’re a listed company, a private business or a community organization, you face greater potential risks and penalties than ever before. It makes sense to get ex­pert help.


Our knowledgeable professionals provide an array of high-quality audit services to private and public entities, including:

Financial Assurance

Accurate financial reporting is critical to business operations and compliance. Crowe AHFAD provides a range of assurance services that can help validate and give credibility to your financial reporting. Connecting deep industry and specialized knowledge with innovative technology, our experienced audit professionals help clients meet complex financial reporting obligations.

We deliver value with integrity and objectivity and provide our clients with deep, meaningful insights by focusing on risk-based areas.

Our assurance services include:

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • IT Assurance and Attestation Services
  • Fraud and Specialized Audits
  • Accounting internal controls Audit
Accounting Risk Advisory

Many organizations find that outsourcing for continuous accounting audit helps to maximize internal resources and reduce pressure on employees. Crowe AHFAD offers technical expertise and efficient accounting advisory services including:

Transaction Accounting Audit
Our professionals have expertise in dispositions, acquisitions, and preparation of opening balance sheets.

Financial Reporting Audit
Looking to supplement your current resources or temporarily fill personnel gaps? Our professionals offer accounting support and outsourcing to help support for your financial needs.