Michael Lim Jr

Michael Lim Jr


  • Michael Lim Jr is the youngest to have graduated at the age of 17, summa-cum-Laude from University of Queensland, under the faculty of Business & Economics School, in the field of Accounting and Finance with scientific research in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • His working experiences include working with top-notch research company (InfoGroup D&B), world-class consulting firm (BCG) and well-known global accounting firms (Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young) before he was head-hunted to be a Global Associate Director and head the first-ever turnaround consulting division globally within the 6th (sixth) largest financial consulting firm worldwide.
  • As a turn around specialist, with more than 12 years of experience in strategic management and turning around companies, Michael Lim has analyzed, consulted and implemented various projects for a number of companies ranging from small-medium sized to Multi-National Corporations and the Fortune 500s across varying industries with engagement over 25 different countries.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)
  • Research in Artificial Intelligence

Industry Experiences

  • PRIMARY: Agricultural (poultry, abattoir, vegetable, mushroom), Mining (stone quarry, oil & gas), High Tech (power plant, electronic, precision engineering, semiconductors), Lumber logging, Plantations (palm oil, rubber, pineapple & coconut) and Shipyard
  • SECONDARY: Manufacturing (plastic, paper, steel, automotive, food, gloves, FMCG), Fleet and Logistic Management (coach/bus company), Consumer-based (wholesaler, retailer, shopping mall, optical shop, jewelry, luxury products), Automotive and Property development
  • TERTIARY: Professional (architect, interior designer, advertising & graphics accounting & tax, engineering, secretarial), Hospitality (Hotel management, medical center, business center, restaurants), IT-based and Handy Services (packers, plumbers, builders, renovators, movers, etc), Healthcare
  • NEW ECONOMY: StemCell, FinTech, HealthTech, and InsurTech, Blockchain-related & Crypto Industry
  • PECULIAR: Funeral Parlour & graveyard, Military Cost-Benefit assessment, privatization projects