Emily Wong

Emily Wong


Services involved

  • Manufacturing
  • Software development
  • Trading & retail
  • Financial institutions
  • International Not-For-Profit Organisations

Professional Affiliations and Qualifications

Professional Affiliations

  • Certified Practicing Accountant Australia (CPA)


  • Bachelor of Commerce – University of Melbourne, Australia


    • After graduation, Emily started her career with Crowe and has been with the firm for 5 years.
    • Throughout her employment with the firm, she has led assignments of internal control reviews for various industries; e.g. manufacturing, construction, financial institutions, retail, REITs, leisure and non-profit organizations.
    • Apart from internal control reviews, she has also operational and compliance reviews in line with the statutory requirements established by the local regulators.
    • In addition, she was involved in the internal controls due diligence audits for companies preparing for Initial Public Offerings (“IPOs”), development of policies and procedures, assisted in developing the Enterprise Risk Management framework and enhancing the Sustainability Reporting Framework for clients.

    Professional Summary

    • Risk management
    • Internal audit
    • Corporate governance advisory
    • Due diligence review for companies going for initial public offering
    • Review on compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements