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Using a case study of Paul and Susan Wells and their family, we take you on a journey of their lives highlighting their key stages, the financial issues that arise at each stage and how we are able to support them through careful planning and advice.


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Setting a foundation

At the first stage of early adulthood, Paul and Susan have just met at work while building their own careers and have joined their workplace pension scheme. They are thinking about marriage as well as buying their first home together. Therefore getting into the habit of saving is really important. Planning for and having children is also on the horizon so ensuring the most suitable financial protection is in place is of paramount importance. Read more

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Building a career and raising a family

As Paul has just taken a career break and Susan is now the sole breadwinner of the family the family will need to amend their financial protection they have put in place to fit with their new circumstances. Due to their disparity in income, they will also need to review their current respective tax positions and utilise any reliefs available to them. With a young family, it is now time for Paul and Susan to think about saving for their children’s future school and university fees. Read more

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Career peak and accumulating wealth

With Paul back at work and their children now grown up, their higher combined income means they are focused on paying off their mortgage as well as saving for their retirement. In addition they would like to help their children get on the property ladder. They will need to ensure their savings can be accessed across the short, medium and long-term throughout retirement while having cash available should any unforeseen expenditure arise. Read more

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With less than 12 months left until Paul and Susan are due to retire, their primary focus is on ensuring they will have enough of their required net income throughout their retirement. They may also want to sell their home and downsize to release more capital to fund their retirement. They are also considering long-term estate planning to reduce the Inheritance Tax liability on their estate. Read more

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Now Paul and Susan are retired they are focused on enjoying their retirement with the desired monthly income they had planned for. They will be taking ongoing advice to continually review their retirement strategy to ensure it is still meeting their requirements. They are also considering what wealth they will pass on to their children and grandchildren and how best to achieve this. Read more

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Later Life and Legacy

In this latter stage of life, Paul and Susan are primarily focused on preserving their wealth and ensuring they can pass it on to their family. They have also updated their Will and elected a Lasting Power of Attorney. They have also set aside costs for future long-term nursing care should they need it. Read more

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