Manufacture News: Spring 2018

Johnathan Dudley
The latest updates affecting you and your sector.

Manufacture Spring 2018 looks at succession planning to replace experience and how companies can secure the skills they need in the future.

We also take a look at Servitisation, and why it is becoming so important to manufacturers, producers and distributors.

Manufacturers seem to be approaching Industry 4.0 adoption as a gradual evolution rather than a revolution. Industry 4.0 introduces businesses to immersive technologies to add to their digital transformation strategies, this is just one of many advantages. Our article on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in manufacturing on page 22 examines this further.

Cybercrime is a huge threat to all manufacturers; and it’s only going to increase as machinery and systems become ever more digital and connected. Our article on page 4 gives a clear guide on the different forms of cybercrime and what it means for you and your business.

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Johnathan Dudley
Johnathan Dudley
Partner, Business Advisory, Head of Manufacturing