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Innovators of the future

Simon Crookston, Partner, Corporate Tax
boy wearing jetpack
Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. There are the obvious lightbulb moments, the Dragon’s Den ideas where directors might naturally think to explore whether funding is available, including via R&D tax reliefs.

But there are also the subtle innovations, the improvements in systems; the responding to changes in the industry and in available materials. The thinking can we do things differently; better; smarter; greener? The innovators in this category don’t tend to even think of themselves as innovators – they’re just doing the day job! 

If you are a day-job innovator, or believe you have these in your team and haven’t yet explored R&D tax credits then you could be missing out. Perhaps your New Year’s resolution needs to be to have an exploratory chat with our innovation taxes team?

As we look to 2020 and the future beyond, it’s with excitement at the new ideas we will hear from our clients. And as the next generation of innovators come through, we thought it would be interesting to hear their thoughts for the future. We asked the Crowe team’s kids to pitch in with their ideas and got some great results.

innovatorSome of the highlights include a machine that makes unicorns and rainbows (we could all do with more of these in our lives Chloe (aged 4)!) and a fantastic robot to do all the chores at home - this entry from Scarlet (aged 10) came with a fantastic marketing tag line which we had to share with you: “Mums of the world – sit back, relax and enjoy the gin.


Our winning entry is from James (aged 9) who invented a flying car, with bubble protection (so if you’re running low on juice you can bounce while you recharge) We love the green approach, and anything to sort out the traffic issues is a win with us!



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Simon Crookston
Simon Crookston
Partner, Corporate Tax