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International trade continues to dominate the news with trade wars and Brexit creating uncertainty and difficult trading conditions for UK importers and exporters.

Global Trade is a round up of key insights that our international trade team have recently published, providing a summary of areas you may be interested in as an international trader.

Some of the articles from our first edition are shown below to give an insight into what our newsletter offers.

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Growing the UK’s export community

Recent ‘Importer and Exporter’ statistics show that UK exports increased to £31 billion whilst imports increased to £50.3 billion in September, making the UK a net importer during that month. Trade wars and Brexit continue to dominate, leading to uncertainty for both exporters and importers

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Setting up or expanding overseas

There are many factors for business owners to take into account when considering their international strategy and expanding overseas, whether in the EU or globally.

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Accelerating growth

Exporting has many benefits for businesses looking to accelerate their growth. Our case studies show how the government is supporting the overseas sales of companies from across the UK.

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Ongoing discussions surrounding which form of Brexit the UK is due to take, alongside an increased focus on the UK’s trading relationships with other countries, means there is a greater need for businesses to understand what Incoterms they are using and the tax implications.

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International payroll

For organisations that support globally mobile employees, payroll is a word they can’t escape. Whilst international payrolls can be complex and frustrating, they are vital to deliver currency to employees and compliance to the organisation.


10 Reasons why Singapore is an attractive investment destination

Singapore’s global economic standing, stable political landscape and support for innovation are some of the key factors making the island nation one of the most successful cities in the world in attracting foreign investment.



Brexit has provided businesses with reason to think, refocus and make strategic change. Establishing your business in the EU is one option and cross border support is crucial in achieving a smooth transition. 


Trading with/in the US

The large amount of goods and services the US export to the UK make it the UK’s second largest source of imports, the US is also the UK’s largest export market. Strong relationships between two countries can have benefits for organisations, including global mobility of employees, opportunities for joint ventures and using local representation to export.

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I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this edition. If any of the topics resonate with you, or if you have any comments, feedback or queries, please feel free to contact any of our specialist International Trade team.

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