Railroad train

Getting your business back on a new and safe track

Johnathan Dudley, Partner, Head of Manufacturing
Railroad train

The Prime Minister's announcement on the 10 May stated that anyone who cannot work from home should be actively encouraged to get back to work, albeit in a safer manner. However returning to work will not be a simple 'switch on' with many businesses having to fundamentally change the way they work.

To safeguard the future of your business, important decisions will have to be made to enable your business to function successfully in what will become the ‘new normal’. 

Our latest guide helps you to prepare, plan and take action to start up again smoothly, safely and profitably. We have also tailored a guide for those in the manufacturing sector.

This is accompanied by a checklist that you can download to help you to make important decisions for your business focused on five core areas.

  1. Health and safety
  2. Customers
  3. Supply chain
  4. People and plant
  5. Financials

Download our checklist for getting back on a new and safe track, or download our checklist tailored to those in the manufacturing sector

Managing changed VAT and customs rules - download pdf

Brexit checklist

Brexit has created new VAT and Customs rules that businesses need to understand. There are significant changes to long standing procedures and processes but these can be managed effectively if the right steps are taken. Our checklist helps with that work.

Download now

COVID-19: Managing the impact 
Helping you and your business through the challenges

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Johnathan Dudley
Johnathan Dudley
Partner, Business Advisory, Head of Manufacturing