Foundations Spring 2020


Social Housing Insights: Spring 2020

Julia Poulter, Partner, Non Profits and Head of Social Housing
Foundations Spring 2020

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In this, my first edition of Foundations since joining Crowe in January, I have started by reflecting on what an eventful year 2020 is panning out to be.

The external risk that hadn’t been considered by many was the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID 19). Lockdowns, quarantines and factory closures have threatened global supply chains, workforce resourcing as well as impacting on share prices and the impact for RPs could be far reaching. It is imperative that RPs are as prepared as possible and think carefully of the implications of different scenarios and factor these into future plans. The FRC has now issued advice to companies, encouraging them to consider carefully what disclosures they might need to include in their year end accounts relating to these events and the risks.

This edition was drafted in early March before the full impact of the Coronavirus was understood; some of the deadlines mentioned in these articles have already been put back and others may be deferred. This is clearly developing every day, you can find up to date information on our COVID 19 hub

Our Spring edition of Foundations includes: 

  • COVID 19: What planning should registered providers be undertaking?
  • Employment law changes: Housing associations need to be ready for April’s changes
  • VAT recovery: Why you should review your partial exemption method before 30 April
  • Off payroll working: What do you need to do to prepare for 6 April?
  • Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting summary
  • VAT after Brexit: How will leaving the EU change the UK VAT system?
  • Meet the team: 60 seconds with Julia Poulter
  • Managing tax in housing: Our survey of tax management in housing associations

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