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Financial Cost of Fraud 2018

Crowe’s latest global fraud research shows an epidemic costing the UK £110 billion – £3.2 trillion globally.

Jim Gee, Head of Forensic and Counter Fraud
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The threat of fraud is becoming increasingly like a clinical virus – it is ever-present and ever-evolving. The bad news is that digitalisation of information storage, and process complexity, coupled with the pace of business change, have created an environment where fraud has thrived, grown and continued to mutate.

The better news is that there are examples where organisations have measured and minimised fraud like any other business cost and greatly strengthened their finances. There is a growing understanding the key to successful loss reduction is to understand the nature and scale of the problem.

Crowe's latest report, the Financial Cost of Fraud 2018, is the only one of its kind, drawing on 20 years of extensive global research from 40 sectors.


Financial Cost of Fraud 2018 is an in-depth analysis of global fraud levels and identify:

  • how fraud can be measured
  • what the financial cost is likely to be
  • recommendations for reducing fraud and error levels.

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Jim Gee
Jim Gee
Partner, National Head of Forensic Services