Cybercrime protection for SMEs

Can you afford not to get protected?

Jim Gee, Partner, National Head of Forensic Services 
Don’t get caught out by the scourge of cybercrime

First we must understand the monumental problem SMEs are facing. Cybercrime and fraud represented 43% of all crime in the UK in 2019. Crime statistics show that there are two and a half times more frauds and cybercrimes than any other type of crime in the UK.

Cybercriminals are not just targeting big business or the vulnerable elderly either. SMEs are a lucrative target for them due to easily exploitable processes and controls, or the lack of, which tend to be in place.

Get protected – at a cost-effective price

Investing in cyber security does not need to break the bank and can pay dividends in the long-term. The latest Home Office research shows SMEs experienced substantial costs in dealing with the impact of cybercrime. Much of which could have been reduced through cost-effective protection.

In one case an SME incurred over £80,000 in costs dealing with the consequences of the incident. Another lost £40,000 and 70% of their customers as a result of a hacking attack. Unfortunately, cautionary stories like this are not one-offs and are on the rise.

five important thingsCrowe supports SMEs with
an all-round cost-effective solution

Partial protection against cybercrime is no protection.
That is why we deliver an all-round solution at a price
which you can’t afford not to take up.

There are five important stages:

  • On site specialist consultancy.
  • A Cybercrime Vulnerability Assessment looking at web domains and your website.
  • A Physical Vulnerability Assessment checking hardware, peripherals, firewalls, operating systems, software patches, etc.
  • A search of the Dark Web looking for compromised emails and passwords for sale.
  • An Operational Review looking at people, processes, GDPR compliance and including back-up strategies and insurance cover.
  • We help you to purchase, implement and commission/re-configure hardware, peripherals, firewalls, operating systems, software patches, etc.
  • We help you to implement new and amended processes, risk registers, back-up strategies.
  • We advise on sourcing insurance cover, if you wish. 
  • We provide Dark Web protection training.
  • We can provide remote monitoring of your systems and provide alerts 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • We can provide penetration testing of your networks and systems.
  • We will help you to identify, isolate and manage the technical problem(s).
  • We can help you to source the best advice on GDPR compliance, including legal advice.
  • We can help you to source the best advice on managing reputational damage.
  • We can help you to rebuild systems, install new hardware, operating systems, patches, application software.
  • We can help you to restore databases which may have been corrupted.
  • We can identify what happened, make sure lessons are learnt and minimise the possibility of this happening again.

"The rate at which we are seeing ever-increasing challenges from across the law enforcement system is alarming, especially from cybercrime.”

 — Rt. Hon. Priti Patel MP, Home Secretary

"Cybercriminals have been very quick in devising modi operandi and tools to exploit the current crisis."

— Europol (The European law enforcement agency)

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Jim Gee
Jim Gee
Partner, National Head of Forensic Services