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Client Listening Programme 2019

Positive results for Crowe’s Financial Planning team

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Crowe Financial Planning UK Ltd undertakes a Client Listening Programme every other year to seek feedback from our clients on a number of aspects relating to our overall service proposition and advice.

Rather than select specific clients where feedback might be favourable, we randomly select 50% of our clients who weren’t surveyed in the previous programme.

This year we had an extremely high response rate of 39% which highlights the high level of engagement between client and adviser. This provides us with a meaningful sample of clients’ views on our services and identifies areas in which we can improve.

The results of the programme

How our clients rate our services, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is excellent.

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Our vision is for Crowe Financial Planning UK Ltd to be ‘recognised as the UK’s premier independent financial advisory firm’ and our clients’ feedback on our service is critical.

Phil Smithyes

“As a business it is really important to seek feedback from our clients on their views relating to our advice and overall service so that we can continually seek to improve our service proposition and deliver value. Whilst we have an outstanding record of client retention it is important that we don’t become complacent and continue to innovate and improve efficiencies within the business.

"This latest set of results evidence the confidence and trust that our clients have in Crowe FPUK and are a ringing endorsement of our team based approach to providing outstanding client services and delivering good outcomes. The mantra for our business is ‘Our clients don’t care what we know until they know that we care’ and this is reflected both in the scores and in the written testimonial provided by our clients. I am immensely proud of my team for receiving this level feedback which also highlights the level of engagement by our clients with our business”.
- Phil Smithyes, Head of Financial Planning