Art of smart cover

The Art of Smart 2019 

Revealing the keys to corporate decision-making success.

Art of smart cover

The Art of Smart is the most comprehensive study of corporate decision-making in the world. It explores the many different facets of decision-making, providing insight to business leaders on how to make better decisions for their businesses. This year we  evaluate businesses on four strategic indicators; Growth, Diversity, Boldness, and Innovation.

The report features the world’s only decision-making Index analysing companies from across the globe, interrogating sector and region specific data, to benchmark them in relation to the quality of their business decisions. 

Key highlights of this year’s report:

  • Diversity is driving smart decisions and explosive performance
  • Risk motivates Bold decisions and Innovation
  • Biotech is setting the standard for smart decision-making

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Nigel Bostock

The use of interesting data-driven findings, alongside the different approaches to decision making, allows Crowe to provide insight to leaders on how to make better decisions in pursuit of lasting value for their organisations.

Nigel Bostock
Nigel Bostock
Chief Executive 
Crowe UK
Company data for The Art of Smart 2019 was extracted from global recognition sources including the Forbes Global 2000, Fortune, and Fast Company, having met the following criteria: specifically, active in the Healthcare, Real Estate and Manufacturing sectors; operating internationally; and, publicly listed for at least five years.

History is filled with smart decisions

A journey through the evolution of Crowe to where we are today, becoming one of the UK’s leading firms and a member of a major global network.