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Assurance Reporting 

AAF 01/06 and AAF 02/07

Expert knowledge on reporting frameworks.

We act as reporting accountants to pensions administrators, professional Trustees and master trusts using the various ICAEW reporting frameworks below. We helped ICAEW develop these frameworks and therefore, we are well placed to advise both on the technicalities and the practical steps to successfully implement these assurance solutions.

  • ICAEW AAF 01/06 Assurance reports on internal controls of service organisations made available to third parties.

We work with pension scheme administrators using ICAEW AAF 01/06 to demonstrate the design and operation of sound controls in their pensions administration practice.

  • ICAEW Master Trust Supplement to AAF 02/07 (TECH 12/16AAF)

    We work with Trustees of master trusts using ICAEW Master Trust Supplement to AAF 02/07 to demonstrate good governance controls.

  • ICAEW Relevant Trustee Supplement to AAF 02/07 (TECH 04/13AAF)

We work with professional Trustee organisations who obtain AAF 02/07 assurance reports over their administrative and accounting procedures, in relation to its own business operations for providing pensions Trustee services.

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Andrew Penketh
Andrew Penketh
Partner, Head of Pension Funds