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EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Location: Virtual
Start Date:

28/11/2023 11:00

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28/11/2023 12:00

Services: VAT and Customs Duty services
Industries: Manufacturing, Retail
Metal sheet warehouse
On 1 October 2023, the EU’s new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) came into effect. The measure introduces a levy on the import of certain carbon-intensive goods into the EU, including iron, steel and aluminium.

What we will cover

While the levy itself will be charged from 2026, EU importers will be required to submit quarterly reports to the Commission during the transitional period, with the first reports due to be submitted in January 2024. Our upcoming webinar will discuss the impact on EU importers and UK exporters of carbon intensive goods to the EU and how obligations can be managed.

  • A general overview of the CBAM measure.
  • The key requirements during the transitional period i.e. submission of quarterly reports and reporting deadlines.
  • The methodology calculating emissions and the reporting obligations.
  • Additional requirements which will come into effect during the definitive period.
  • A summary of the key considerations and suggested actions for businesses to ensure compliance with the measure.

Who should attend

This course is intended for those who need a better understanding of how VAT works for charities, whether you are new to the sector or would like to refresh your knowledge.


  • 11:00 - Event starts
  • 12:00 - Event ends


There is no cost to this event.

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