Charitable giving

Advising you on the best way to make gifts to the causes you care about.

Growing numbers of people are choosing to make meaningful philanthropic donations and there are a number of ways to do so. But selecting the best way to give can be complex, often making it difficult to achieve giving aspirations. Our philanthropy team can advise clients on the route (or routes) most suitable and tax-efficient to achieve the most effective giving to the causes you care about.

We can help you:

  • identify which giving option works best for you and will meet your giving aspirations
  • understand the local and UK tax implications of donating to causes outside the UK
  • create a foundation or charitable Trust
  • make Gift Aid declarations to ensure the charity receives your full donation
  • with tax reclaims ensuring your donation is tax-efficient for both yourself and the beneficiary
  • make substantial gifts to a charitable Trust
  • identify tax planning to incorporate your philanthropic choices
  • incorporate tax-efficient donations into your Will.

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Rebecca Durrant
Rebecca Durrant
Partner, National Head of Private Clients