Corporate Tax compliance

Corporate Tax Compliance

Keeping your tax affairs in good order.

How we work

  • We offer tax support ranging from a fully outsourced tax compliance and advisory function, through to assistance on preparation of tax figures for inclusion in accounts.
  • We do not need to be your auditors to provide tax compliance services.
  • We can analyse and highlight points for your future business planning.

Company tax returns

  • Preparation of company tax returns and supporting computations
  • Electronic tagging of accounts, tax returns and supporting computations
  • Complying with mandatory electronic return filing with HMRC
  • Effective progression of HMRC enquiries towards closure
  • Guidance on corporate tax self-assessment
  • Capital allowance reviews to maximise claims for allowance
  • Advice on optimising for allowances
  • Advice on optimising available reliefs
  • Monitoring and advising on timely settlement of tax liabilities, including quarterly instalments
  • VAT and PAYE compliance services
  • Monitoring overseas group companies’ tax compliance
  • Full international corporate tax compliance service through out member network, Crowe Global

Tax accounting

  • Preparing and reviewing tax provisions and tax disclosure for company and consolidated accounts
  • Preparing and reviewing tax provisions and tax disclosure for interim reporting purposes

Five things to consider

  • Having corporate governance processes that deliver accurate, timely information
  • Managing potential conflicts
  • Managing your tax rate and cash tax cost effectively
  • Managing your tax position for press and pubic perception
  • Embedding tax in your business model

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Jane Mackay
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