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Business acquisitions, reorganisations and disposals

Working with you to manage the tax aspects of your corporate M&A strategy.

Corporate reorganisations and transactions give rise to a range of complex tax issues which require careful consideration about how best to resolve them in the context of a commercial negotiation. Structuring your transactions properly can help you to mitigate the tax and avoid any pitfalls that can arise on corporate acquisitions, disposal, mergers, restructuring and reorganisations.

We work with clients on:

  • Tax due diligence to review a target’s tax management and reporting, consider whether there are any exposures and identify available tax attributes and assets (base cost in properties etc) so a buyer can price in any tax risk or assets.
  • Structuring transactions tax efficiently, for example to utilise any losses available and protect the value in tax assets (base cost etc) and avoid adverse implications from anti avoidance rules.
  • Group reorganisations, with a view to ensuring no unnecessary tax costs arise, and available tax assets (base costs, capital allowances etc) are dealt with efficiently.
  • Changing supply chains.


business lifecycle

Your journey to success: navigating the business lifecycle

Helping businesses, their owners and their families make smart decisions throughout the business lifecycle to achieve their goals. 

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Paul Fay
Paul Fay
Partner, Corporate Tax