Business and asset valuers and advisors handling transactions with a value of £1 million to £100 million. We cover larger transactions, especially those with cross-border components.

What we do

We are highly experienced expert witnesses and advisors in both corporate and personal disputes. We have extensive knowledge in share and business valuations and experience in providing fiscal valuations for IHT, CGT and EMI schemes.

As a member of the Crowe Global, we can call on the expertise of local professionals around the globe to offer a seamless cross-border service.

We help companies with:

  • valuing all types of businesses
  • financial valuations
  • shareholder disputes — valuing businesses and asset
  • accounting and financial reporting support — e.g. for purchase price allocation and impairment reviews
  • matrimonial proceedings — valuation of assets

Common scenarios

  • A sale, when you may need to decide what you think the shares or business are worth for commercial purposes
  • Financing arrangements connected with mergers, acquisitions, market listings, disposals, and de-mergers
  • Establishing the market value of shares or of the business assets, such as goodwill at 31 March 1982 for tax purposes death
  • A gift of the shares or the business when a value may need to be established for tax purposes
  • Shares acquired by employees when a value needs to be established for tax purposes, but also to show employees what the shares are worth with particular reference to EMI Schemes
  • Divorce, where as part of the matrimonial settlement a value needs to be established
  • Flotation Share buyback

Contact us

Geert Struyven
Geert Struyven
Partner, Corporate Finance and Head of Valuation Services