China desk

China Desk     中国办公桌

Providing coordinated advice and support to clients in China and the UK.

Our team | 关于我们的团队

Our corporate team has wide experience in advising clients operating in China and we have developed a strong understanding of the financial and commercial issues that often arise in emerging and fast-growing markets.

We have been involved in many IPOs and secondary offerings for Chinese-based businesses on London capital markets and in advising companies operating and trading within China.

Our international network, Crowe Global, is the sixth largest accounting group in Asia Pacific.




Our services

  • Cross border Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Investments
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Trade agreements and trading arrangements
  • Advice on regulatory requirements and tax implications
  • Starting a new venture
  • Introductions to business or trade connections

With the strength of our Crowe Global connections, we are able to project manage important cross border assignments for clients.


  • 跨国并购
  • 境内,境外投资
  • 合资企业和战略联盟
  • 商贸协定和交易安排
  • 有关金融服务监管和企业税务合规的咨询服务
  • 拓展新的事业
  • 引荐商业或贸易连系


Crowe in China

  • Crowe Global in China
  • Ruihua Certified Public Accountants ranked No. 1 among China’s local accountancy firms for four consecutive years.
  • Total revenue exceeding those of three of the Big Four international firms in China.
  • More than 10,000 employees, including 2,500 Certified Public Accountants and 366 Partners.
  • Operates out of 40 offices across China.
  • Services around 50 central state-owned enterprises, 400 publicly listed companies and 300 financial services institutions covering a wide range of industries.
  • Operating on an effective technical research and support framework, a comprehensive quality control system, and an advanced information management system.
  • Many of the professional team have overseas working and education experience, including a wide range of sector and technical specialists
  • Members of the firm serve as experts and committee members of national institutions.


  • 连续四年在中国本地会计师事务所排名第一
  • 业务收入规模超过3家国际所
  • 超过10,000名员工,其中2,500名注册会计师和366名合伙人
  • 瑞华总部设在中国北京,在全国各主要经济区设有40家分所
  • 瑞华为为近50家中央企业, 400家上市公司以及300家金融机构提供审计和咨询 服务
  • 运行有效的技术研究和支持框架,全面的质量控制体系和先进的信息管理系统
  • 许多专业人员拥有各种行业的海外留学工作经验
  • 公司成员担任国家机构的专家和委员

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Peter Varley
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