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A collection of topical issues affecting manufacturing businesses in a period of startling change.

Uncertainty on how businesses will be trading in a post Brexit world continues as we bring you the latest edition of Manufacture. At the present time we are helping clients to prepare and issuing further guidance once the final implications are known. 

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Some of the articles are shown below to give you a snippet on the what our newsletter offers.

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Preparing manufacturing businesses for Brexit

The final terms under which the UK will exit the European Union are still not known at the time of publishing. Sensible manufacturers who import and export (or plan to), need to have a contingency plan to cater for whatever might happen in the future, we can help you on the procedures involved. 
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Rob Marchant outlines the procedures you need to follow.

Authorised Economic Operator

International traders need to ensure supply chains are secure, and your customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. We outline the benefits, who is eligible and how to apply for Authorised Economic Operator status.

Making Tax Digital for VAT

In August it became apparent that HMRC will press ahead with Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT. Even with October’s announcement to give a six month extension for certain more complex organisations. Most businesses need to act by April 2019, not leaving much time for companies to respond to such a major change that affects every VAT registered business in the country. Our VAT team recently presented a webinar to over 600 individuals, it revealed some interesting statistics on readiness to comply with the new rules. 
making tax digital
Webinar audience statistics.

Our determination to assist businesses in managing challenges presented by artificial intelligence, innovation and the change that is needed to ensure future success is featured in the following articles:helping companies

  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Helping companies to make the most out of tax relief.

Next generation bookkeeping

Is their still a role for a bookkeeper or has technology removed the need?

The opportunities and how they can assist your business are outlined in this article.

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Katy Bayliss outlines the role of the bookkeeper. 
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Matteo Timpani discusses how to achieve your goals.

Mecmesin and the Manufacturing M&A Market

For those of you thinking about business expansion by acquisition, or even realising value through a sale, when the time is right, our capability across the UK and globally can help you with your strategy and planning to achieve your goals. In this issue, we explain what can be done with successful businesses of all sizes in terms of M&A activity.

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Johnathan Dudley

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Johnathan Dudley
Johnathan Dudley
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