Worker in tunnel

News for the Manufacturing sector

A collection of topical issues affecting manufacturing businesses whilst we find ourselves in challenging times.

Worker in tunnel

As challenging times continue with the uncertainty of Brexit, our articles discuss how you can actively, positively influence your prospects rather than passively let wider issues dictate your business path.

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Keeping up with the pace ofthe manufacturing industry

Johnathan Dudley reflects on the challenge manufacturers face such as the 'perfect storm' of political uncertainty. One such group who has risen to this challenge is TWP Group, with an interesting case study featured.
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Stuart Weekes outlines the tax breaks and their advantages.

When taxation is a boost for manufacturing

UK tax system does have genuine, legitimate ways for manufacture companies to claim tax breaks to help fund innovation, development and growth.
packing factory
Michael Jayson outlines the finance journey.  

Funding options for growth

Every manufacture business needs to be appropriately finance to support their growth. Often there are significant steps up in terms of volumes and trading rather than it being a smooth curve. 
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Robert Marchant discusses the changes in the VAT regime.  

How do businesses keep on top of an ever changing VAT regime?

If businesses have clear and robust processes then you should be able to adapt to this changing landscape and continue to meet your VAT compliance obligations.
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Chris Mould talks about recruiting and retaining professionals.

Recruitment in manufacturing post-Brexit. What next?

There is genuine concern shared amount business of how exactly they will be able to respond to, and make up, a potential shortfall as large as 11% (ONS statistics).

Peter Varley's team currently works with over 60 listed clients across multiple exchanges.

Mergers and acquisitions at Crowe

Manufacturers often look to deliver one or more of a variety of objectives through their M&A activity, including a drive in global reach, an aim to consolidate a national distribution platform, or vertical expansion into the supply chain.

Download Manufacture [pdf]

Johnathan Dudley

Our manufacturing team works with a wide range of specialist advisors and companies. Our team has the expertise and capacity to take on all challenges, national and international. We take pride in building long-term relationships. Get in touch with us today.
Johnathan Dudley
Johnathan Dudley
Partner, Business Advisory, Head of Manufacturing