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Whilst we have been busy over the summer working with The University of Birmingham and National Rail Alliance on Brexit preparation for the transport and manufacturing sectors, our manufacturing team recognise that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This edition features articles on forward looking matters focusing on and the opportunities and challenges that businesses within the sector may face.

Some of the articles from our Autumn 2019 edition are shown below to give you a snippet on what our newsletter offers.

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Lighter, Smaller, Stronger

As a manufacturer, you have to anticipate and meet the needs of the consumer, and global political agenda now supports objectives for carbon neutrality within this generation; whether you agree with the need for the population to live greener or not.

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Tax incentives for investment in automation and robotics

The BEIS report on the Automation of Work concludes that the UK is lagging behind the rest of the world. Having led the First Industrial Revolution, the UK is at serious threat of falling behind other countries.


The potential credit crisis facing business

With banks and credit reference agencies becoming increasingly risk-averse due to the unsettled political environment and wider global events, a major credit crisis may be facing businesses. 

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Selling your business

You’ve made the decision to sell, but how do you secure the right value? What are the main considerations to be aware of in the process?

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Incoterms: Implications from a tax perspective

Uncertainty regarding Brexit, alongside an increased focus on the UK’s trading relationships with other countries means there is a greater need for businesses to understand what Incoterms they are using and the tax implications.

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Manufacturing: Albert Jagger Ltd

Our manufacturing team has been instrumental in helping one of the Black Country’s best-known businesses to reshore a significant part of its manufacturing process.

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I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this edition; like you we remain passionate about manufacturing and want to help create lasting value in this sector. So, should any of the topics resonate with you, or if you have any comments, feedback or queries, please feel free to contact any of our specialist manufacturing team.
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