Looking through telescope

Charities: six insights for Trustees

Lessons learnt from Kids Company and others

Naziar Hashemi, Partner, National Head of Non Profits
Looking through telescope

The high profile collapse of Kids Company has led to increased focus on charities, their structures and the role of Trustees. Rather than focus solely on Kids Company which is still subject to a statutory inquiry by the Charity Commission, we reviewed the Charity Commission's operation case reports published in 2015 to look at the lessons for Trustees and for charities. 

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  • Trustee oversight: relationship with chief executive.
  • The role of the chair.
  • Tenure of Trustees and the chair.
  • Reserves and cashflow management.
  • Risk management and financial controls.
  • Measuring and reporting performance.
  • 10 Questions every Trustee should consider.


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Naziar Hashemi
Naziar Hashemi
Partner, National Head of Non Profits